Monday, August 24, 2009

Your Relationship with the Minister?

He (Stern, brisk, interrogative) - Your relationship with the Minister?

She (Timid, Barbie dollish) - I was his personal assistant?

He- And on July 7th?

She- He had dinner with the PM.

He- And?

She (shaking in her shoes) Before the dinner he wanted me to do something…

He- Aha! He wanted this often?

She- Only before appointments with the PM

He (thunders) - Oh? Tell us exactly what that something was!

She- Tttt...To change his Baywatch wall papers to historical buildings…

He – And?

She- To change his usual pussycat dolls ringtones to ‘We are the world’

Announcer - Go to xxxxx Download Zone. There are wallpapers, ringtones, games, video clips and endless ways to define yourself through your phone.

About me

1) Here’s an excerpt from my sales pitch or positioning statement seven years ago

“Girl English Copy Writer looking for work. Blah blah blah (Tedious career history). Resigned 30th August 2002. Interesting story there. Can produce authentic resignation letter and acceptance. Personality slightly neurotic, predominantly sweet with aggressive top notes. Has unruly lovely curly hair, hairdressers exclaim over. At least one person has said eyes are mesmerizing. Stands 5 4” in modest heels. Weight 115 lb or less. Due to decorum vital statistics not given. Will wear suggestive dress for interview.

Hopes to get called for appointment to show portfolio.

P.S. - Please call. Credit card statements arriving regularly.”

2) Seven years down the line, hairdressers still exclaim, still 5 2” in bare feet, only the weight is different. It’s only 107lb now which is fine by me since outgrowing the ridiculous notion that South Indian type hips are attractive.

3) I think that excerpt is very psychologically telling and the things it’s telling aren’t very encouraging

4) I think a streak of pure bullshit and a sincere, courageous gallant streak exist side by side in my nature. Which streak becomes dominant at any given moment is not always under my control, but I have an idea that if I stick to a very disciplined regime every day, run every morning, don’t daydream, stick to my time table, etc I can keep the bullshit streak repressed. When I was little my mother did her best to shout down the bullshit streak; really xxxxx (the name she calls me) I am sick and tired of your nonsense, xxxxx, I don’t want to see any of your nonsense when we go to that function/visit relations/have visitors, xxxxx, I have enough work without having to deal with your nonsense. Words to that effect.

Even today when I feel the bs streak trying to surface I shout at it in my mother’s voice.

Talking of psychology I have a confession to make. I cannot read through the symptoms of most neurotic deceases without some of it sounding very very familiar.

This for example;

Research suggests that people with AvPD, in common with social phobics, excessively monitor their own internal reactions when they are involved in social interaction. However, unlike social phobics they also excessively monitor the reactions of the people with whom they are interacting.

Or this;

They often feel a sense of extreme entitlement

That is if you please the key word to my personality, the driving force, as it were; a sense of extreme entitlement.